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Welcome to the newly revamped House of Moose! Come on in…

The antlered one welcomes you to a sexy new digital space filled with doodle magic and custom figures, all hoofmade in Scotland by Lucy Moose.

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Pony and The Microwave

Cinema, Film & Video, Lowbrow & Horror, Music

Keeping up our Halloween traditional of making a short film to celebrate the hallowed souls, we bring you “Pony and The Microwave”.

Lola wrote the story of “Pony and the Microwave” when she was just three years old, and now – thanks to the Songify app, it’s the next big alternative electro-pop sensation. It’s also a little bit freaky but also super cute. Magical lyrics that only a kid could scribe.

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D*Face Solo Show at Metro Gallery

Lowbrow & Horror

Halloween wouldn’t be the same with an intoxicating dose of our favourite lowbrow, street artists – D*Face.

Metro Gallery is excited to present D*Face’s first solo exhibition with the Gallery. The London street artist, known for his fluorescent prints, dark portraits, and interpretations of popular culture, has presented numerous sell-out exhibitions around the globe.

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Fashion, Magento

The wait is O.V.E.R. Officially live and open for business…

We are super stoked to announce that the new e-commerce website for the iconic surfwear and fashion brand, Hot Tuna, is now LIVE!!! Aaaand you wondered why we’d been so quiet of late.

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Piranha Ahoy!

Magento, Studio News, Web Design

For those asking… a lil’ update on the HOT TUNA ecommerce website project.

We’ve received several direct enquiries in the form of comments, tweets, emails and calls regarding the delay in launching the Hot Tuna ecommerce website so wanted to be offer quick update to quash any fears or misconceptions and keep ya’ll in the know!

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Hipster Ipsum

Graphic Design

Image: Source unknown.

Artisanal filler text for your site or project. Do you need some text for your website or whatever? *sigh* Okay…

The invention of online ispum lorem text generators for graphic designers was revolutionary. In fact, I can’t even remember what we did prior – did we rely on copy and pasting from Microsoft Word?! Eugh, no wonder that has been wiped from my memory!

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Manually convert currency in Magento

Magento, Web Development

Super quick manual conversion from GBP to Euro.

Pretty deep in some hefty Magento ecommerce development so apologies for the lack of geek tutorials of late. But here’s something that has come in pretty useful for a couple of projects recently and figured I’d share and save a fellow custom coder some precious time!

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The Eagle has landed!

Fashion, Street Style

Part of the ongoing Puma by Alexander McQueen collab and minty fresh for AW11, the ‘Cloud Dancer’ Eagle Print reinterprets the classic baseball style…

Aaaaand I’m hella smitten. Available in a distressed, off-white leather these hi-tops feature a biro blue scribble print eagle illustration on the heel. Somewhere that fashion house meets street artist in a none too brash style.

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Stockwell Skatepark Exhibition

Art & Design, Lifestyle, Street Style

StolenSpace is proud to present “Out of Stock”, a skatepark exhibition based around one of London’s skate meccas, Stockwell.

Brixton was home to our studio for 3 debaucherous years so we’re stoked to see one of our regular old haunts and its locals getting some serious attention, the notorious Stockwell Skatepark in SW London. Rad.

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Tunesday: Bombs! (Medicine 8 Remix)


BOMBS! – MEDICINE 8 REMIX by Trashmouth Records

The Helmholtz Resonators recently released their Double A with remixes of their underground classics ‘Bombs!’ by the acid house kings, Medicine 8, and the awesome ‘Gypsy’ by Nu Chicago sensation, Kurtis Hardrive.

We’ve been pulling a few all-nighters in the studio lately and have got it down to a fine art thanks to a few basic ingredients: adrenaline, caffeine and music. It’s true, as a combined cocktail, these 3 things are officially all you need to combat sleep deprivation.

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