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A Campaign for Sex

So young. So inspired. So inspiring… SEX!

Uh huh. Oh, wow! This surmises our attitude towards this week; we’ve big plans ahoy and need to tackle the next few days with full force so we’re filling our minds with concentrated measures of extreme inspiration. Today’s supersized chunk of inspiration is Elliot Joseph Rentz (AKA Rentz), a 17-year old designer hailing from Brighton who recently relocated to London.

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Feature in Computer Arts Magazine Issue 188

Getting Things Done The Creative Way

Check out this month’s issue of Computer Arts magazine as we’re talking about getting things done the creative way – using Behance’s Action Method as THE project management tool of choice.

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The Neon Hive design store is now open!

We are very pleased to announce that The Neon Hive Dept.09 Design Store is officially open for business! Woooweee.

Dept.09 is the new online design store curated by The Neon Hive studio. The mission, to put together a collection of products comprising some of the best and most relevant products the team could discover suited to creatives, although not limited to. Dept.09 is a design store for creative types; from creative professionals to design junkies, there’s something to cater to most design centric tastes for home or studio – even the cool kids.

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Coffee – Casanova 2013/05/31

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