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Stockwell Skatepark Exhibition

StolenSpace is proud to present “Out of Stock”, a skatepark exhibition based around one of London’s skate meccas, Stockwell.

Brixton was home to our studio for 3 debaucherous years so we’re stoked to see one of our regular old haunts and its locals getting some serious attention, the notorious Stockwell Skatepark in SW London. Rad.

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Tunesday: Beat The Drums

Some heady 60′s vibes to get you through this Tunesday courtesy of Eron Falbo and Button Up Productions.

Our friends over at Button Up Productions have just worked their magic on a new music video for the debut single by Eron Falbo, “Beat the Drums”. The track is a heavily intoxicating dose of pure 60′s inspiration, both aurally and aesthetically, paying rightful homage to one of the most influential decades to date… and we are hooked!

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The Neon Hive design store is now open!

We are very pleased to announce that The Neon Hive Dept.09 Design Store is officially open for business! Woooweee.

Dept.09 is the new online design store curated by The Neon Hive studio. The mission, to put together a collection of products comprising some of the best and most relevant products the team could discover suited to creatives, although not limited to. Dept.09 is a design store for creative types; from creative professionals to design junkies, there’s something to cater to most design centric tastes for home or studio – even the cool kids.

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