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Piranha Ahoy!

For those asking… a lil’ update on the HOT TUNA ecommerce website project.

We’ve received several direct enquiries in the form of comments, tweets, emails and calls regarding the delay in launching the Hot Tuna ecommerce website so wanted to be offer quick update to quash any fears or misconceptions and keep ya’ll in the know!

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Pitch won for iconic surf brand: Hot Tuna

Interactive design studio, The Neon Hive, is appointed to surf the digital wave with legendary surfwear brand, Hot Tuna.

The iconic surf label with its famous piranha logo traces its roots back to New South Wales, Australia in 1969 but the global relaunch campaign is set to take it in an “edgy” new direction.

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Baron Von Shape

Von Shape launches a bloggable portfolio in the shape of a portable blog. Folio.

We’re stoked to finally announce the launch of the Von Shape blog. Folio. Those of you regular readers of our studio blog will no doubt have seen some of the rather awesome shapes created by Von Shape at previous posts like this one – or this one too.

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The New Studio Website is Live!

Welcome to our new portfolio site and studio blog. Come on in! It’s a bit more grown-up but we’ve still dotted a few of our trademark hidden surprises round the site! Go discover them…

Hey, where the heck did you go?!

Recent Adventures by The Neon Hive

The most common question(s) we’ve been asked of late is ”Hey, where the heck did you go?!” or ”What the [bleep] is going on?” or ”Why are you guys so quiet?” and in short, there is no short answer. Lots of reasons.

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Charity Pledge: Christopher’s Smile

Coz kids get cancer too.

September 10, 2009 was a big day for me. For those of you who read about Swim2Bestival this will come as no surprise, for those that are yet to read it, please do. On that sunny Thursday morning eleven rubber-clad strangers and I nervously congregated in an empty car park at Stokes Bay, Gosport. Not the usual start to my daily routine I can assure you!

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Swim2Bestival 2009

Swimming the Solent for charity (and a free Bestival ticket!) means 3.5 miles in cold, choppy waters across a busy ferry route…

Louis was among 12 festival goers who opted to swim 3.5 miles across the incredibly cold, choppy waters of the Solent from Gosport to Ryde, Isle of Wight, in aid of charity.

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