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Our fellow fluorescent friends over at Neon Monster debuted the latest member of their monster family at DesignerCon 2010 in Pasadena this weekend – introducing Mini Circuitous Psnail.

The addled love-child of two Woodstocking Gastropods, Circuitous Psnail is one precocious mollusc! Check-in with your psychedelic side with the 3-inch resin figures of Circuitous Psnail, an original character created by Reuben Rude and Neon Monster, sculpted and poured by Los Angeles resin guru Julie B of Pretty in Plastic.

The 3-inch limited edition color-ways are strict editions of 25 pieces and comes in 5 shocking tones: Groovy Green, Weird Watermelon, Out-there Orange, Electric Ebony and White Light. Each piece is accompanied by a limited edition certificate and comes packaged in a hand-stamped box with custom font.

Sucker for these little guys already? Well, it just gets better… Neon Monster x Pretty In Plastic is proud to present unique works by Arbito, Brian Castleforte, Frank Kozik, John Crowe, Julie West, Leecifer, Le Merde, Mark Nagata, Pretty In Plastic/Julie B., Reuben Rude, Shane Geil/Hello Maggot and more! The custom Psnails went on sale at DesignerCon but for those of you (like us) that couldn’t be there, they will also be available online (while stock lasts) exclusively at or head over to The Bestiary to swot up on the monsters’ case files.

All this talk of love, psychedelia and Woodstock(ing) and we’re tripping out. No wonder Arbito’s Moon PSNAIL (featured above) is at the top of our love list! A psychedelic intergalactic space explosion – Arbito’s Moon PSNAIL is a sight to behold. With a skittle toned shell and black and white body, this little PSNAIL is one mighty fine moon walker.

Slime over to the Neon Monster store for mollusc action.

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