Sneak Peek!

What's going down in the studio right now...

What’s going down in the studio right now? Here’s a sneak peek… but that’s your lot! No more clues, no bribery. Confidentiality for our clients is a priority so until they give it the green light, it remains hush-hush. Sorry, that’s just the way it rolls – and we’re okay with that.

The last few months have been beyond crazy. Fact. September came and went like a dizzy blur as did October and we’re already taking bookings for projects due to launch in Summer 2012! W-w-wowzers!!!

Current projects are a diverse mix of celeb, death metal, dark arts, surfer’s (shopping) paradise and the surreal side of poptastic, which keeps the adrenaline pumping to say the least! We’re under strict instructions to keep our lips buttoned on some of these projects suffice to say we are super excited and humbled by the kind words and requests we get from our clients.

Keep checking back as we’re on a mission to get this here website updated as often as possible!