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Digital Brand Experiences

Creating digital brand experiences via bespoke websites is at the very heart of our client offering. Adept in web design and development, we create distinctive, engaging and accessible websites dedicated to user experience; compelling visual communication and solid functionality seamlessly entwined to ensure that your brand vision is conveyed with clarity. Predominantly working with niche and esoteric brands, The Neon Hive produces websites across a diverse range of industries; this diversity defines our emphasis on user experience. Our ethos is that we believe in empowering clients with online autonomy - we simply provide you with the tools to effectively communicate and control your brand in the digital realm.

Bespoke Web Design

Bespoke web design, or interface design, is of paramount importance. Every artist, maker, brand and individual is unique and, as such, deserves a website that promotes their own individuality. Off-the-shelf templates just don't cut it in today's notoriously competitive market. With substantially less front end limitations and ever sassy consumers, high calibre web designers must be cognisant toward the continual evolution of expectation, deft and literate in the basic web design principles and well versed in new technologies.

Design is rarely just for design's own sake, it requires reason and substance to convey your message - quickly and efficiently. Our designers advocate this policy and go beyond the basics so you won't be left behind your competitors.

Custom web design need not equate to hefty design fees; it simply requires care, diligence, experience and a little (okay, a lot of) attention to the details to help your business grow organically and succeed online, we work hard to make this happen and to breathe life into your brand.

Custom WordPress Themes

Custom WordPress theme design offers limitless creativity and functionality at an affordable cost. The humble blog is a perfect solution for those looking for a more cost effective, modular alternative to a CMS website but one that still allows you to really inject your brand's personality and style into your online presence with all the benefits of SEO. Those with existing CMS or ecommerce websites will also benefit from the complementary web content as it can improve and increase your search engine rankings.

WordPress offers an impressive default functionality, which is not only easy to use (perfect for web newbies or complete technophobes!) but also highly expandable, flexible and future proof. Adding new features via a whole host of widgets and plugins is quick, easy and affordable - we can even create a custom plugin for unique functionality. WordPress is an open source platform meaning you benefit from 1000's of developers (including our own) contributing towards its continual evolution and stability.

We offer fully customised themes suitable for artists, makers, individuals, professional bloggers and niche brands or companies simply looking enhance their existing website by creating a distinctive brand voice to inform, inspire and interact with their customers. Custom WordPress theme design is one of our most sought-after web services.

Joomla CMS Websites

Building bespoke, professionally designed, user friendly Content Management Systems (CMS) is our specialty. Our online solutions empower clients with autonomy over their own web presence - no technical knowledge or HTML experience required.

Joomla CMS websites are our "most wanted" web service as they offer clients the ability to self sufficiently manage web content providing complete control and limiting any delay in content updates or general reliance on the IT department or design studio. Getting up-to-date information online quickly and regularly is critical for most professional websites. The advantages of bespoke CMS are abundant and often more affordable than many maverick agencies may lead you to believe.

Bespoke CMS benefits include fully integrated SEO, increased stability, lower support and maintenance fees, quick content management, web based remote access via secure log-in and tiered admin functions. Clients can easily upload, edit or delete images, edit text and add news article from home, office or even via iPhone. From simple one-page sites to complex corporate websites, Joomla gives you complete control over your brand online.

Magento e-Commerce

We design appealing, intuitive and usercentric ecommerce websites to provide your customers with an online shopping experience that is second to none. Our designers and developers understand that the brand experience extends from the minute your store's digital doors open right through to checkout so the need for a creative, flexible solution is imperative.

Magento is the most advanced, growing ecommerce platform on the market today. As an open source platform it is continually in development, which means our clients can benefit from ongoing improvements and a wealth of extra features, many of which can be customised to suit your individual requirements. We specialise in bespoke design, build and customised Magento solutions.

Whether you are looking to start an ecommerce business from scratch or to migrate an existing ecommerce website to a new platform, Magento is a fast, powerful, robust system that you can trust. Feature rich, fully customisable, fully supported and offering maximum SEO results, it's 100% future proof so you have peace of mind and your customer's online journey is a rewarding experience.

Discover more about our Magento design and build services by following the case study link below where we illustrate in more depth how we can dramatically improve your online retail business.

Best Web Practices

Choosing the right web design company can be an intimidating experience and trust is everything. Many moons ago we found ourselves in a similar position, we've never forgotten that feeling (one of anger and frustration) which is why, in part, it became our very "raison d’être". The Neon Hive interactive studio was born predominantly to provide creative, dynamic and reliable web solutions to our clients in the hope it may help others avoid the costly and frustrating mistakes we made in our early days.

We endeavour to make your website design experience as accessible, enjoyable and jargon free as physically possible and we pride ourselves on being trustworthy. Sadly many clients come to us already having found out the hard way - with their website being held to ransom by the hand of an industry cowboy. But how can you avoid this happening to you and what are the best web practices?

Discover more about best web practices

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Graphic Design

With over 10 years experience in niche, esoteric and luxury goods brand marketing, on both client and agency sides, we really understand the importance of strong communication design in print. Whatever the scale of your business, astute and professional graphic design can give you the edge over your competitors. In an age of visual overload, decreasing attention spans and increasingly discerning customers, it's the little nuances that speak volumes - great design is always in the details. Our diverse industry experience and strong design ethic is our very foundation and fuels our creative output. As experienced graphic designers, we take great pride in helping to create brands, seeing them evolve and succeed by researching the competition, the consumers and the environment to ensure effective designs that communicate to consumers, embody the brand vision and consistently translate into real results.

Brand Identity

Considered and deliberate aesthetic for your brand is vital. Essentially when it comes to logo design and brand identity, you get what you pay for, rushing and being too thrifty on this part of your campaign can have a detrimental affect on your business. The logo IS your business identity and you will be judged on it. Successful logo design will convey your message concisely, exist organically and transcend passing trends. Industries evolve continually, good brand identity will remain effective and relevant constantly. Consider too the emotional aspect of identity; people WILL have a reaction to your branding... make sure it's the right one! From initial logo design to creating fully documented brand bibles, we can help you to make your mark.

Editorial Design

Producing compelling editorial design; harmonic compositions between content, layout and typography that efficiently communicates to the reader is a (creative) challenge - a fine balancing act where each element must stand alone and yet together, respecting an unapologetic hierarchy. To do so, it requires appropriate, stylish layouts and stellar technical skill. This juggling act and steadfast passion is the adrenaline rush we get from our work each day! Our skilled designers and artworkers offer high quality editorial design ranging from concept layouts to cover design to full pagination design as well as complete pre-production services for all manner of publications such as books, catalogues and magazines (print and digital editions). Well, we do like a challenge!


We offer a full bespoke illustration service; from simple black and white hand drawn sketches to artful, complex and intricate full colour vector based illustrations. Each project is by commission only so there are no limitations upon what can be produced in terms of individuality or scale. Graphic illustrations can be created using a variety of mixed media to create the most effective style to suit your campaign to enhance the look of branding, books, magazines, packaging or websites.

Over the years we have worked with an incredible range of established artists specialising in custom art, fashion, lowbrow, horror and street art genres - we're always happy to chat about collaborations or one-off commissions.

3D Product Design

Conveying your ideas can sometimes be a tricky task, but there's always help around the corner. Whether it's a completely new product or a slight tweak to an existing design then the guys at Rendo can help bring your vision to life in the form of 3D visualisation.

Working from hand drawn sketches to complete 2D plans, Rendo can create just about anything in 3D. This can then be translated into Photorealistic renders for your website or marketing campaign or even used as the first stage in the manufacturing process.

With a wealth of experience in the Automotive, Aerospace, Marine and Medical industries you can be assured you're in safe hands with our friends at Rendo.

Packaging Design

Product packaging - a necessary evil or an extension to the product forming part of the overall brand experience? Some might argue that packaging is merely a means to an end; it keeps the product clean, protected and tamperproof but that it is just another cost eating into precious margins, one which ultimately gets thrown away and, subsequently, has a detrimental effect on the environment. Is it really worth it? The answer is YES!

Packaging is a vital component in the life cycle of consumer brand experience, crucially when your product makes its first impression... so make it count. Good packaging design can be the deciding factor in whether or not a consumer gravitates towards your product and, whilst competing for sales in a notoriously busy market is rife, making sure you stand out on the shelf is a prerequisite. Beautifully designed, professional packaging must reflect your product, your brand, its story. Essentially it's the first point of contact a consumer has with your product - aesthetically, emotionally and physically.

Getting the right design is everything. Our Brand Alchemists are committed to helping you develop and create the perfect packaging design. With over 10 years experience on both client and agency side, we understand that research, development and marketing all play pivotal roles in getting the right design - appealing, comprehensive and effective design is everything.

Press Campaigns

Known for our considered and deliberate aesthetic, we understand that quality and well thought out design have direct impact on the success of your press campaigns. We offer design, image retouching and print management services to the PR industry to produce look books, invitations, corporate literature, direct mail, press gifts and packaging and much, much more. Working predominantly in the esoteric lifestyle and niche luxury brands sector with brands such as Lulu Guinness, Nicole Farhi, BeneFit Cosmetics, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Mont Blanc and Montezuma's Chocolates to name but a few, we are well versed in the importance of brand image. Reputation is everything. Any less than perfection, not an option. If you are looking to make the right impression, we can help. Making print matter.

If you you're looking for a suitable PR partner to collaborate with, you need look no further! Those fine folk over at The Cult PR are not only absolute PR diamonds, but they get the "online" PR game and are new media experts in their field. Better yet, we are accustomed to collaborating together so if you want seamless team work but the benefit of individual skill sets, please get in touch - with either company. We're happy to work together anytime and relish the prospect of what our combined efforts can do for your brand.

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Power to the word whether spoken or written. Packing a punch as hard-hitting as the most striking of images plays an important role in brand communication, so it's essential that this vital element is not overlooked. Balancing both information and inspiration is no mean feat but imperative when creating a brand voice - in print or online. For print, we offer copywriting services for packaging, press releases, direct mail, marketing literature and technical writing. Website copywriting is a skill in itself, using keywords so your web content is search engine friendly can make for incredibly dull reading for users! Captivating, vibrant copy that integrates (subtly) search engine optimised content will keep the Google spiders happy but, most importantly, will engage the user and avoid them navigating elsewhere. Simply, tell us your brand vision and we'll give it a voice.


Professional photography is essential to visually communicate your product or business effectively in a high quality print campaign or website. Our photographers provide affordable yet high quality digital images for advertising, catalogue or promotional work for web and print. Working across a diverse spectrum of industries, we offer corporate, food, editorial, events, lifestyle, PR, marketing and product photography for commercial use. Other photographic services include art direction, styling, location scouting and post-production image retouching or digital image manipulation.

Video Production

With cutting edge technology making it increasingly easy to communicate (effectively, quickly, virally) through a horde of online mediums, we've seen a rapid growth in the use of web tv or video production for the web. Connecting with users has never been so important. Early adopters of this medium have influenced consumers by being so readily accessible whilst others continually seek to innovate and inspire through video web content, pushing the boundaries of communication into a new digital realm. Online video productions can be used for all manner of advertising, marketing or PR purposes to convey engaging, informative brand messages. From artist time lapse teasers through to hard-hitting corporate campaigns, the power of video web content is on the rise, don't be left behind.

Post Production

Sometimes you require a little more than just the actual art direction, design or development side of things, don't worry, we get it. We offer a host of post-production services such as creative and technical image retouching, complete digital image manipulation, batch image resizing for ecommerce websites as well as editing and grading of video productions for web content. Making sure your brand image is consistently well presented is our priority, we bring the technical expertise to make that happen.

Print Source & Buying

We possess a wealth of print source and buying experience spanning over 10 years in the industry and, as such, have built up an invaluable network of trusted commercial litho, digital, screenprint and large format printers as well as artisan specialists in letterpress and thermographic printing. We can advise on the best format, stock or production process for your print campaign or source a suitable supplier for those extraordinary requests! From artwork right through to fulfilment, we try to make the print process easy and hassle free.